LG Electronics 24LN451B Review

By | July 30, 2016

The LG Electronics 24LN451B Review will look at what to expect from this new release 24 Inch LED TV from LG. The set was releases on the Nov 1 2013 is a perfect no nonsense TV for those looking for a 2nd set for a bedroom or kitchen.

LG Electronics 24LN451B

We must add the LG doesn’t offer the full HD experience of 1080p but don’t let that put you off as 720p is more than ample for use as a secondary TV and the truth be known even the most tech savvy of people who are looking for faults will notice a difference.

The LG Electronics 24LN451B offers a colourful and vibrant picture and with added backlight technology you can sure of a great looking picture no matter what your preference of programme you like to watch. The set up is easy and straight forward right from unboxing and the on screen menu options are easy to navigate and less cumbersome than other TVs on the market today.

As i said before the LG is ideal for the bedroom and makes a perfect gaming TV and the 60hz refresh rate offers a judder and blur free image. Whats surprising about the LG Electronics 24LN451B is the sound. Comparing to other TVs we’ve reviewed over the last 18 months this fares pretty well in the sound department the bass could do with a little boost but it’s expecting nowadays with these super slim line LED TV’s that are being releases.

Overall the LG Electronics 24LN451B is a bargain at less than $150 at the time of writing and a hassle free TV that looks great in any room all being said and i’m sure you won’t be disappointed with your purchase if you decide to go for it.

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